Minutes of the meeting of AAMNA on 19th January 2014


The followings are the ideas and concerns raised, propsed, and advised by ALUMNI


1. Continuity of traditions by students in school, unbecoming for a Navodayan:

During the meeting it was brought to the notice that students have been, on various occasions, resorting to the practices which are against the spirit of Navodaya system and also precariously unsuitable in so far as their career objectives are concerned.  All the stakeholders of the school viz. the Administration, Parents, students alongwith alumni should have a serious look into it.

2. Lack of provision for “Non-vegetarian” foods in the mess of the school- Need to find basic reason for it !!

3. Shortage of various resources in the school premises- Listing to be done in consultation with Teachers and Students.

4. To ensure mixing and harmony of different Batches in the dormitory under the “house system” as existed earlier:- There have been reports of increasing “divide” between juniors & seniors in the school, hence endangering cohesiveness among Navodayans.  Proper system should be in place to mitigate/overcome this issue.

5. Decision for convening annual “meeting” of AAMNA  at JNVRM, to be taken after having discussion with the Principal. Considered date is 25 th December every year.

6. The Chief Guest exhorted the alumni to visit the school on regular basis and try to inculcate the culture/traditions which are losing its value with the passes of time.

7. The motive behind establishing JNV was to provide resources to “poor talented students”. The Chief Guest advised the Alumni to think over adopting poor talented students once they complete senior secondary education from the JNV.

8. Each member of Alumni association may contribute to the Navodaya in his own way.




Following alumni voluntarily offered their prospective services as WORKING GROUP of AAMNA


Sl.  No. Name Batch No. Phone No.
1. Mr. Vinay Kumar Jha 1986-1993 9891087722
2. Mr. Ambuj Kumar 1990-1997 9811661558
3. Mr. Aditya Jha 1990-1997 9540540164, 9560423377
4. Mr. Santosh Kumar 1990-1997 9891685369
5. Mr. Deepak Jha 1992-1997 9873825873
6. Mr. Indra Kumar 1993-2002 9891603819
7. Mr. Keshav Ranjan 1995-2002 8802022546
8. Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Sahu 1996-2003 9711697060
9. Mr. Parmeshwar Yadav 1997-2004 9990129909
10. Mr. Chandraveer 1998-2005 8468002058
11. Mr. Sonu Ranjan 1998-2005 8587991935
12. Mr. Vaibhav Thakur 1999-2006 9988336440
13. Ms. Shivangi 2000-2007 8287819889
14. Mr. Baua Jha 2000-2007 9778492191
15. Mr. Sanjay Kumar 2001-2008 7827646097
16. Ms. Renu Gupta 2002-2007 9953183354
17. Mr. Keshav Kishore 2003-2010 9717467596
18. Mr. Sanjeet Kr. Jha 2006-2013 8750954260



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