About JNV Madhubani

Under New Education Policy, 1986, with an aim of providing quality Education to rural talented Children, Jawahar NavodayaVidyalayas were opened each in the district with the exception of Tamil Nadu state under Navodaya VidyalayaSamiti.

In this chain JNV Madhubani was also inauguratedon 21st December 1986 by the then Chief Minister of Bihar BindeswariDubey in the buildings of Agricultural Department at Ranti,P.O -Rampatti. The land was finally transferred to Navodaya Vidyalaya in 2006 where full construction is still on way.

Meanwhile, thousandsof students have passed out from this CBSE affiliated school and a lot many of the alumni are in prestigious positions today.

The School is tirelessly trying to achieve the targets set by the Samiti. The School has won National Acclaim on many occassions some of them are in the field of Youth Parliament, exhibitions and sports. The team of Staff thrive hard to cater to the needs and to fulfill the aspirations of the district which is itself Worldwide famous for the Mithila Painting.

Despite infrastructural drawbacks every year the intake of students is full i.e. 80 students in class VI. Whereas Lateral entries to fill up vacant seats are available in class IX and XI. Presently the school has only Science stream at higher secondary level. It has Migration Linkage with JNVWilliamnagar, Meghalaya. Garo is the 3rd language of the Vidyalaya.

Location is well connected on the Madhubani- Rampatti Highway. Madhubani Town and nearest Railway station is 6th km and Rampatti is 1.5 Km away. Nearest Airport is 35 km in Dharbanga Airbase.

9 thoughts on “About JNV Madhubani

  1. Till date this is the best institute 4 the people like me.It has given me the broad vision to look into future.I left the school in May 1994 after 12th.By the qualities given to me by teachers like dr SD SINGH,DR Arvind shukla ,PN mahto,AK JHA ,I could face struggles in my career& at this time I am pursuing my career as MD in Anaesthesia .Already I have completed my MBBS from MGM Medical College jamshedpur&diploma in child Health from PMCH ,PATNA IN 2006.If I review my career& present status in society then I think this is the journey of a man from zero level to this level.all the credit goes to JNVRM.There are some bitter experiences also about students&teachers but these are insignificant before this achievement

  2. Last Saturday I had gone to the campus of JNVM while i was going to my home Laukahi.I had only a few hrs to stay there& to meet the teachers.I stayed there from3pm to 5.15pm,only in the principal’s office.Officials were engaged in some important issue so couldn’t talk freely with principal sir.I knew a few untoward events in jnv campus which mar/mitigate the reputation of this prestigious school.Some newspaper had raised some issues regarding mess&study issues in school;some 11th class students were involved in this.I could not conclude that wheather the official or the students were to blame for this as I had only a few minute time& could not talk to the students.Without talking to students we can’t reach on a conclusion.Salient points I knew-
    1.Maths teacher is not good enough 4 11th class as said by students but refuted by sir
    2.Official cant torture a student either physically or mentally as higher authority order(??? spare the rod& spoil the child)

    3.Senior students beat the junior students if they go to walk towards gate,(they themselves can go any where or keep mobile with themselves)

    4.Some students misbehaved with a girl of tenth class in classroom.he with two others was kept away from school 4 around two months.Later on called in by Officials!!!!(as they were examinee)

    5.Overage students get entry in school by hook or crook.no one can check this. Last year Dr Nishant was in examination board.He debarred 13 students as a overage student.They appealed in higher authority& got OK certificate.These overage students are involved mainly in indisciplinary activity.We have also seen that at our time.
    6. lack of faculty members in diff work.

    7. drop out rate after 10th is too much.
    8.Parents don’t come in parent -teacher meet& whenever called make an excuse of engagement.
    These r my abstracts whatever i got in my 2 hr stay& a bit talk with officials. My perception may be wrong
    What do u think should be done to improve this ?Your quick response is highly solicited.

  3. Dear Dr.Shyam,
    I have gone through your comments and think that something messy is there which even the school management is not disclosing.We can neither blame teachers nor students for this unpleasent incident.According to me both are equally responsible for it.We have to take iniciative and try to resolve this problem from the root level(temporary solutions will not help).We can have joint meeting with teachers and students in presence of representatives of AAMNA(who are in vicinity of madhubani).
    Thanking you,

  4. It is not possible to sit there .I have put some problems .I want to know ur view regarding these problems& possible points of solution.Steps of joint meeting with teachers&students in presence of representative of AAMNA(1,2,3,…)??My perception regarding situation may be wrong.I have received only one comment after 18 hrs.I have put this on face book also . It means people r not interested in the school.We should not talk like the leaders of these days .

  5. dear shyam,
    I appreciate your sincerity and acknowledgement about school. atleast you obtained some first hand information. however this may not be sufficient towards solving actual issues. whatever you percepted about mess, misbehav, senior-junior issues are mere tip of the iceberg. the reality is that school has went far off the track of study activities. It is just thriving on its past glory( lest bright students would not be interested to join this navodaya !! ).

    I have been interacting with school authorities as well as students for quite some time. general apathy for study and creational activities has trespassed into the psyche (of almost all within campus).

    what I am trying, now to just reverberate their own efficiencies so that they can regrow themselves. they still have enough potential for self correction and self growth, as I perceive. Hence we just need to guide them at proper time in coordination with their ongoing activities.

    try to keep in touch with students and authorities. please do not antagonise cell-phone &c. these are technological advancements which are bound to percolate into younger generations and any attempt to stop it would be futile. As of present generation stopping it is neither desirable nor necessary. Better we need to utilise it as a tool.

    you can talk to me on my phone 09781994704.

    prashant (2nd batch)

  6. Dear Prashant,
    I want to know what are the steps u will like to take .:regarding-
    1.deficit of faculty member.Will authority agree to keep members on adhoc basis as needed by the principal&people like me/others?( not possible ,i had talked to principal)
    This single step will decrease a lot of problem.
    U just ensure this .I can go in JNVRM every saturday If I see that people are genuinely interested in improving the school .I have got only two comments whatever I have perceived, in 5 days . I had put this on facebook also.It signifies that people r not interested in this & making hue&cry for a timebeing is of no value.Chandan is here from one month& I had talked to him a lot.Knew the every incidence of Meet in delhi.This time also he is in Dbga.I had notified to Jayendu,Archana& Anil.
    Thanking u

    dr Shyam

    • dear shyam,
      I talked to you on this matter in detail.
      It actually doesn’t matter who replies and who do not!
      Making hue & cry will always remain; as happens any where. But it should not deter those who are actually interested in taking forward steps.
      You had gone to school twice atleast, but you yourself didnot acknowledge the problems students are facing!
      For that you need to interact with them spontaneously. And you must keep in your mind the child psychology, particularly in the current situation. everybody may not be so conducive to you and as a natural tendency may try to repulse you ! However you are better judge on the spot.
      If you are actually interested the try to understand them. they must gain confidence in you before they tell you the tell tale of alma matter.
      As you assured me that you will visit school and will take the feedback, I am eagerly waiting for your response.
      Authority of keeping some ad-hoc teachers, fall within the ambit of administration, as I understand.
      You can convince the Principal for this, if actually demanded by students.
      I believe, it is better to tap all existing resources before taking up new task.
      Nevertheless you always try something new.

      anyway please go there if possible and see yourself how things are running and are the areas which requires urgent attention !