JNV Ranti

Content Needed: All possible details on JNVR as a school

8 thoughts on “JNV Ranti

  1. JNV Ranti: As we love our mother as well as we should love this place also.7 yrs ! not a short time which we spent in the lap of this place.Feeling pride.

  2. Great start.. fingers crossed and lets hope enthu lasts forever..

    On suggestion for annual meet organizers, next meet please publish entire day plan (as much possible granular level) well in advance. This will help people like me; who can not join in person but at-least join audio/video conference.

    Again.. great start lets keep momentum…

    • we attempted to call you but ……Hope more people across the world would join. you try to motivate those who are in your touch. I invite every individual to work on individual level and from the same place of work. Rest shall be channelised itself.

  3. got positive responses from across section on “AAMNA DWAR ” issue.

    expecting more responses and work will be started accordingly

  4. Its been long we hear any update from core committee.Let’s have some update regarding our progress.

  5. Really a Great start for a common platform. My suggestion is whenever any meet is going to be organised, if possible, try to keep on two consecutive holiday, so that person who are far from the meeting place can think to attend the same.