House system is the integral part of the vidyalaya system. It is based on the concept of all round development of the learners. It is a fact that the effective management of a residential school depends upon the quality of the functioning of house system. A House consists of group of learners effective led by a responsible teacher i.e., House Master. A House provides a family atmosphere in making the child physically fit, Social adjusted, emotionally balanced and moral upright.

House is our system is a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. It provides a smooth transition from home life to Vidyalaya life by developing situations which fulfill the social and emotional needs. It helps socialization of learners to integrate them well into corporate life. It develops learner’s personality and integrity and also develops the healthy competitiveness among the learners. It also develop a sense of belonging among the careers and to create a sense of desire to live in harmony. This system helps the learners to circulate respect for seniors, elders, teachers and a caring attitude towards juniors and fraternity towards all. This helps the stakeholders learn to live and enjoy together and develop a degree of sensitivity for others feelings and needs.

Formation of Houses

 As per NVS norms, two – tier system of House shall function :

i)              Junior Houses for classes VI to VIII

ii)             Senior Houses for Classes IX to XII

In our Vidyalaya, there are four junior houses, four senior houses and two houses for girls (of for classes VI to VIII and another from classes IX to XII). Therefore, these are eight houses for boys and two houses for girls.

 Though all the girls in our vidyalaya have been placed under two houses (Junior and Senior) for effective supervision and management, both the houses are further sub-divided into four groups to conduct the inter house activities. Each group of girls of a Junior House shall be linked with a Junior House (Boys) of the same house and similar each group of girls of senior house shall be linked with the corresponding senior house (Boys)

 House Names:

Up to 1997 – Ganga, Swarnarekha, Damodar, Koshi, Narmada

1997 to 2001 – Subhash, Tilak, Raman, Bhabha

2001 to till date – Arawali, Nilgiri, Shivalik, Udaygiri