JNVRM Alumni Association

To support the current/graduating students from JNVRM in their future endeavor

1. To form a group of buddies to support the students of JNVRM on a regular basis to cater to their career needs.
2. To conduct annual alumni meeting at JNVRM to interact with the students.
3. To institutionalize scholarship for the students of JNVRM.

Alumni Association of Madhubani Navodaya is a committee of ex-students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Ranti, Madhubani, Bihar.

An alumni initiative to impart educational, structural, economic and social experience and skills with fellow students and persons in need. What we have learnt at JNV Madhubani and what moral, ethical and educational standards we adhered to is the sole principle behind this organisation’s establishment.

Initially when we passed out, we faced a lack of proper and professional career guidance. We have inadequate information about financial schemes .e.g. scholarships, financial aides by banks etc. So we had many wrong career moves, thus resulting in hard efforts without any fruitful results. So to fill this void after schooling and prevent stray from right career moves, we conceptualized and established this institution to cater various needs of our young brothers and sisters.

Today we can proudly announce that we have channelised and systemized our entire institutions operations and mechanism. After a long research and in depth consultations with experts on the subjects, we have devised this platform and no stone left unturned for smoothly and effectively penetration of our services to each and every Navodayan regardless of physical boundaries, because we have a sense of gratitude of paying back what we have inherited from JNV System.

At Navodaya Youth Institution, we urge every Navodayan spirited youth to join us and get benefitted by our hard yet smart working, innovative, ultra  modern techno savvy solutions in the field of education, career consultation, social issues and better placement updates.

A Navodayan can fill the present vacuum in the existing system. So lets join hands and build a better society full of better humans!