JNVRM Alumni Association – Initiation


To support the current/graduating students from JNVRM in their future endeavor

1. To form a group of buddies to support the students of JNVRM on a regular basis to cater to their career needs.
2. To conduct annual alumni meeting at JNVRM to interact with the students.
3. To institutionalize scholarship for the students of JNVRM.

The annual contribution to the organisation is not mandatory. It is completely voluntary. The initial individual contribution is proposed to be INR1000 per annum. Of course, there is no cap on the amount of contribution.

Organising Committee Members
Vice President:
General Secretary:

Batch Representative Contact No.
Batch of 1993 Vinay Jha: 0-9891087722
Batch of 1994 Dr Prashant Chaudhary: 0-9582181470
Batch of 1995 Tej Narayan Ram: 0-9999064643
Batch of 1996 Dr Anil Kumar: 0-9350920366
Batch of 1997 Aditya Jha: 0-9540540164
Batch of 1998 Saurabh Pandey: 0-9953438213
Batch of 1999 Archana Pandey: 0-9930258187
Batch of 2000
Batch of 2001
Batch of 2002 Rajnish Pandey: 0-9999205398
Batch of 2003
Batch of 2004
Batch of 2005
Batch of 2006
Batch of 2007 Baua Jha: 0-9778432191
Batch of 2008
Batch of 2009
Batch of 2010
Batch of 2011 Rajiv Kumar: 0-8955055763
Batch of 2012 Durgesh Kumar: 0-8102698804
Batch of 2013 Sajeet Kumar Jha: 0-8750954261
Batch of 2014
Batch of 2015
Batch of 2016
Batch of 2017
Batch of 2018
Batch of 2019
Batch of 2020

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