Minutes of the meeting – 21st Nov. 2010

Dear all,

Minutes of the meeting

Members present: Vinay Kumar Jha, Kumar Nishith, Prakash Jha, Manoj Sharma, Jayendu Krishna, Pankaj Das, Ashutosh Vishal, Tez Narayan, Kaushal kumar, Saurabh, Archana, Vinita, Santosh

Date: Nov 21, 2010, 2-5 pm
Venue: Ganga Dhaba, JNU Campus  Minutes:

1. Formation of website committee
Update:Vinay Kumar Jha and Navin Pandey (VN, henceforth) has already booked domain name for alumni association. You can find us at www.jnvmadhubani.com. In addition, some space has also been bought my them. Website is up and running. We need to provide web content now.

Total cost:
Booking domain name: INR550 per annum (paid by VN for 2010)
Imputed cost of space purchase: yet to be found out from VN

Committee members:

Vinay Kumar Jha (Convenor), Prakash Chandra Jha, Kumar Nishith, Kaushal Kumar, Tej Narayan


As we need to provide web content now, this committee has been formed. The committee would provide the content in agreement with core office bearers.

Collection of basic details of the graduated students from school to be updated on the website”
Deadline: To have basic content uploaded before Dec 5.

2. Objectives: The objectives of Alumni Association (AA, henceforth) will remain as it is, as we had communicated in the very first mail sent on different dates in early October to most of the people in our contact list. To reiterate these:

A. To form a group of buddies to support the students of JNVRM on a regular basis to cater to their career needs.

B. To conduct annual alumni meeting at JNVRM to interact with the students.

C. To institutionalise scholarship for the students of JNVRM.

3. Committee for get together on 5 December
Booking auditorium and Food & beveravegs: Jayendu
Cultural event: Archana and Santosh

Registration: Pankaj, Kaushal and Saurabh

Information dissemination: batch representatives

4. Membership fee: It will be mandatory for those who are gainfully employed. The amount is INR 1000 per annum. Others will have free membership till they find gainful employment.

5. Temporary Office bearers:

President: Prashant Chaudhry/Jayendu Krishna
Vice President: Archana Pandey
Secretary: Mohan Kumar
Treasurer: Kumar Nishith/Manoj Sharma

Executive Committee: Vinay Kumar Jha, Anil Jha, Ashutosh Vishal, Tej narayan, Anil Kumar, Madhuri Jha, Saurabh, Babloo, Rajnish, Umesh, Ashutosh, Atul Karn,

These names were not confirmed so it has to be approved by anticipated larger gathering on Dec 5. Some names can be included and some could be excluded as agreed on Dec  5.


6 thoughts on “Minutes of the meeting – 21st Nov. 2010

  1. Thanx to all those who are working hard to make this project successful…Nothing is impossible.We r navodyans and we r d best..

  2. nice to see jnv madhubani website hosted by alumni team.hope this small effort would bring alumni closer besides discussing and implementing various pragmatic approaches towards current jnvrm juniors sister & brothers.

  3. hi!it’s nice and no doubt it is very helpful in bringing JNVRM Alimunis at a common stage where they remedy themselves from the chaotic competition.And i want to congratualate all my dears for landsliding victory of good governance under the flagship of respected Nitishji in our homestate Bihar which was in past the leader of world due to it’s unacheivable contribution in the field of education,art,policy maklng and implementing………………

  4. thumbs up for each n everyone involved in dis wonderful website launching of our jnv…keep going up n up for d real n noble causes!!!

    we all r wid all alwz…jai navodaya!!!

  5. it’s really the happiest moment for tech-savvy navodayans to get their common digital space….three chairs for the founder team who has been working seamlessly to transform the Association into a legal entity/framework….wherein more and more value addition could be incorporated…..

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