Minutes of Meeting : 5th Dec. 2010

December 5, 2010, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Assam Association
Srimanta Sankardeva Bhawan
A14B, Qutab Institutional Area
Satsang Vihar Marg
New Delhi 110067

Members present: There were 110 people (including family members) present at the second JNVRM Alumni reunion.

41 (Forty one) alumni are now registered member of our JNVRM Alumni Association.

Old teachers of JNVRM were present: Mr. Y. Bhakta and family, Mrs. Kamna Jha and family.

The Registered members (total 41) of alumni association are:

Alok Ranjan, Mritunjay Jha, Navin Pandey, Rishikesh Ranjan, Vinay Kumar Jha, Utsah, Kaushal Kumar, Raushan Kumar, Prakash Chand Jha, Manoj Sharma, Pankaj Kumar Das, Alok Kumar, Chandan Prasad Vishwas, Sanjay Kumar, Navin Kumar Nayan, Aditya Mandal, Chandrashekhar Kumar, Kumar Nishith, Shantanu Bhushan, Saroj Kumar Panjiyar, Kailash Kumar, Anil Kumar Jha, Prashant Kr Chaudhary, Jayendu Krishna, Sushil Kumar Dutta, Sanjeev Rai, Rajeev Ranjan,  Meenakshi Singh, Tej Narayan, Ashutosh Jha, Randhir Kumar, Poonam Kumari, Alka Ravi, Brajesh Kumar, Aditya Jha, Madhuri Jha, Ambuj Kumar, Saurabh Pandey, Anurag Jha, Archana Pandey, Kamna Jha

1. The programme began by inauguration by Mr. Y. Bhakta, ex-Phisics PGT of JNVRM and Ms. Kamna Jha, Ex-teacher of JNVRM. It was followed by introduction of alumni and cultural programmes.

2. MS Power point presentation was made on school days in JNVRM. It was primarily a collection of photographs from the olden days.

3. The following proposals were passed by voice voting in the presence of 63 alumni .The registration process of Alumni Association is currently in progress and it will take approximately 45 days.

Proposal 1:

Name of the society

  • AAMNA (Alumni Association of Madhubani Navodaya) àaccepted
  • Navodaya Foundation

Time of 1 week was given to all alumni to suggest alternative names of the society.

(One week period has already expired now, and hence AAMNA shall be taken as approved by all members in the absence of any new name suggestion)

Proposal 2: Accepted


  • To form a group of buddies to support the students of JNVRM on a regular basis to cater to their career needs
  • To propose a scholarship for JNVRM students subject to financial feasibility
  • To conduct annual alumni meeting for JNVRM to interact with the students
  • To set other objectives for the overall welfare and development of our alma mater

Time of 1 week was given to all alumni to add other points if they want.

( This time again has passed, so above mentioned objectives shall supersede)

Proposal 3: Accepted

Office Bearers

Only one candidate stood for the presidential election therefore elected without any opposition.

  • President:  Dr. Prashant Chaudhary (Class of 1994)

There were two candidates for the post of Vice president.

  1. Archana Pandey
  2. Shailendra Jha

Voice voting: 43/10 in favour of Archana Pandey

  • Vice president: Ms. Archana Pandey (Class of 1999)

Only one candidate stood for the post of Treasurer therefore elected without any opposition.

  • Treasurer: Mr. Manoj Sharma (Class of 1994)

There were two candidates for the post of General Secretary

  1. Alok Ranjan
  2. Anil Kumar

Alok Ranjan withdrew his candidature and supported Mr Anil Kumar.

  • General Secretary: Anil Kumar ( Class of 1996)

Everybody present  wanted to have 3 joint secretaries. Three people selected by the house to hold the post of Joint secretary are:

  • Joint secretary: Kumar Nishith, Tej Narayan, Shailendar Jha
  • Desirous persons (6): Navin Pandey (1993), Vinay Kumar Jha (1993), Alok Ranjan (1993), Sanjeev Rai (1994), Shantnu Bhushan (1994), Kaushal Kumar, Amitendra Jha (1996), Pankaj Kumar Singh (1996)

Proposal 4: Accepted

Membership Fee

  • It will be mandatory for those who are gainfully employed.
  • The amount is INR 1000 per annum.
  • Others will have free membership till they find gainful employment.

Proposal 5:

Silver jubilee celebration in JNV campus

  • Date to be finalised

Proposal 6: Accepted

Website committee
1. JNVRM website was unveiled in the meeting with url: www.jnvmadhubani.com.

2. Mr. Y. Bhakta suggested that web address should be changed to www.jnvrmalumni.org to make sure that it does not create overlap with JNV Madhubani website. Later as we progress can be converted to www.jnvrmalumni.com or anything else as deemed fit.

Other details

4. Committee for get together on 5 December
Booking auditorium and Food & beverages by: Jayendu Krishna
Cultural event: Archana Pandey

5. Registration:

The registration process was done by Pankaj Das and Kaushal Kumar and on the same day out of 62 alumni, 41 alumni have been registered with registration fee.

6. Registration of the organisation: in-process

Tej Narayan and Mritunjay Kumar Jha

7. Collections

Membership + Contribution =  60, 500/-

8. Total Cost:

  • Booking auditorium, projector, morning snacks, lunch and evening snacks: 22300/-
  • Booking domain name: INR550 per annum (paid by Vinay Jha and Navin Pandey for 2010)
    Imputed cost of space purchase: Yet to be found out from Vinay Jha and Navin Pandey

9. Alumni were requested to contribute to the upcoming book by Ms. Kamna Jha.

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