AAMNA Virtual Meeting Minutes 24th May 2020

AAMNA Virtual Meeting Minutes
24th May 2020

My dear Brothers and Sisters,
I take this opportunity to update you on the latest AAMNA meeting. Due to the prevailing COVID-19 environment, we had an app based ‘Virtual Meeting’ on 24 May 2020 (Sunday). Many AAMNA members joined the meeting from various corners of the country. The gist of discussion is summarised as under:-

1. An update was given on the state of affairs in the School and AAMNA related activities since last get together in September 2019 in Delhi by President, AAMNA.

2. It was felt that we need to attract better quality of students into Navodaya, for which AAMNA Times can contribute a lot. Hence, its reach and circulation needs to be enhanced. Articles have been invited from the alumni through batch coordinators.

3. There is also a need to gradually focus on the interests and concerns of the alumni. Old and established Alumni are requested to volunteer to be a ‘Mentor’ to the newly passing out Alumni during their struggle days. Batch wise Struggle Story / Success Story of Alumni will be published in AAMNA Times. However more such stories are invited.

4. It was suggested that we can organize seminars and workshops in School to encourage ‘entrepreneurship’ in the students..such alumni, once they pass out, can be guided through this platform.

5. We need new faces and fresh energy to further enhance the efficiency of our team, for which young generation need to participate more actively! Young alumni need to be ‘instituitionalised’. Those who are already working in this field are encouraged to join. Also new comers are welcome!

6. A new proposal, given by an alumunus, to provide nutritional supplements to School students was discussed, for which final call would be taken after ground work completed by the alumnus. AAMNA would encourage to have such measures.

7. We can consider Positive Changes needed in our Alumni Association. The same can be discussed in our General Body Meeting.

8. In the months of March and August, Alumni will be reminded for the Annual Monetary contribution through the batch coordinators. Alumni are encouraged to join the Lifetime Membership to raise the Corpus Fund. A common list will be prepared for the lifetime members, including both annual contributors (₹1200/- per annum) and one time contributors (₹15000/- one time). Updated list of Life members will be updated on website. Reminder for Rs. 1200/year individually has been a daunting tasks in the past. Nevertheless existing such list would be updated too.

9. Chief Batch Coordinator will work through the Batch Coordinators to connect more members. Need to continue the focus on “Get connected, Stay Connected”.

10. Alumni were requested to contribute to ‘Video Classes’ for the School students. Those who are taking online classes, names should be displayed for all on website.

11. Such virtual meetings will be held quite often in future. More and more members are requested to join to make the interaction more comprehensive and meaningful.

12. All scholarship progaramme should be updated on website along with those in pipeline.


AAMNA Meeting Minutes 17th November 2019

AAMNA Meeting Minutes
17th  November 2019
New Delhi

1. Scholarship to deserving alumni- will b considered on merit basis by governing body.

2. Thenceforth Aamna Times will be published annually. Batch coordinators will collect contents for Aamna Times from respective batches. Chief Batch Coordinator will be overall responsible for the same.

3. Data of all alumni and current students will be solicited from the School Administration. After that one alumni each will be earmarked as a guide to students of a specific area (Block/Village) to act as a guide and facilitator.

4. Installation of Audio visual system will be undertaken by Team Aamna for one classroom (approx. budget ₹ 1 lakh). Dedicated Fund for the same will be created.

5. An exhaustive drive will be undertaken to raise the Corpus Fund of ₹ 15 lakhs. Mr. Umesh has been entrusted with the responsibility to coordinate this drive with batch coordinators.

6. Scholarship to school students will be given only for “educational activities”, as decided by the winner students.

7. Video clips of some of the “Success stories” of alumni will be made for the streaming in School for motivation purposes. Mr. Rajnish was made responsible for the project.

8. Team Aamna will assist the School Administration in creation of “Madhubani Painting Club” in school premises, to promote local art form.

9. A What’s App Group will be created as an interface between School Administration and Aamna for all official communication. All activities to be undertaken by Aamna in the School will be processed through this platform. All alumni will be requested to utilise this platform for any activity in the school, including visits etc.